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DJ Obscene gets ready to rule the pools this weekend on Miami Beach

DJ Obscene is in a good place. At 25, he already has his own mix show on Y-100 Friday and Saturday nights and wrapping up his worldwide tour here with two sets this weekend (June 28-30). The first is at Mackapalooza, a six-hour pool party on Friday, June 28 at The Clevelander (1020 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach) where he will be following a 2-hour set by Calvin Harris and will have celebrities like Miley Cyrus making appearances. The second, iHeartRadio Pool Party on Saturday, June 29, is an all-day pool party at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach (4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach) with performers like Pitbull, Ke$ha, Afrojack, Krewella and Iconapop. We spoke to DJ Obscene ahead of his performances to learn about his career and what we should expect this weekend.

You’ve been DJing for 11 years. What has changed since you’ve started out your career?

It’s so different as far as DJing goes. Obviously now there’s a ton more DJs out there and it’s so easy to just pick up a laptop and become a DJ. I had to carry crates [of vinyl records] for the first four years of DJing because the computer software didn’t exist. I had to go to record stores [and] hunt for records … Nowadays, you can just download it online, everyone has the same access to the same music. … The playing field is a lot more level now.

You have your own mix show on Y-100. How’d you get involved with the station?

[Y-100] had a DJ battle at the Fair in 2010. I went and I won the battle. I took my $2,000 check home and I made enough of an impact that 2 months later Mack At Night called and said they were thinking about starting up a mix show and asked if I was interested. I took up the opportunity. He said he needed 4 hours worth of mixes by tomorrow. So I went to work that night, knocked everything out and the rest is history.

You’ve played alongside major artists like Calvin Harris, Rihanna and Maroon 5. Who did you like playing with the most?

As far as Pitbull goes, I know him since he’s first started out here. Something about working with him and playing with him since I was 15, 16 has always been exciting because I saw potential in him and I knew he had the potential to be a superstar. [Him] being from my hometown, having grown up not too far from where I grew up is something that was very exciting to me. Nowadays when I get to see him whenever I play alongside him at these parties and whatnot, it’s even more exciting to see the growth and see how much he has taken it to the next level.

What are your picks for the best summer jams?

“Clarity” by Zedd, “Glowing” by Nikki Williams and “Bubble Butt” by Major Lazer.

What can we expect from Mackapalooza on Friday and the iHeartRadio Pool Party on Saturday?

Just from the word on the street, this year’s events are going to be way, way, way over the top compared to last year just with the DJs involved, the artists involved and now the co-hosts, bringing LL Cool J and Miley Cyrus to co-host. The star power keeps on rising and rising and setting [the events] to be huge.

Who are you most excited to see?

I’m looking forward to seeing [DJ] Afrojack just because I’ve heard him play a couple of times and I’m hoping he brings something new. Most of the time I’ve heard him, every set has been a little different from the last. So I’m hoping this weekend he brings something completely different.