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Clink: Sexy Kandi and Juniper Spice

Sexy Kandi.
Sexy Kandi.

Those lucky enough to get past the doorman at Hed Kandi gastro-lounge in Miami Beach are in for a treat. Satisfy your sweet tooth with their bubble gum-flavored Kandi Gum featuring their home bubble gum-infused pisco or kick it up a notch by sipping on their strawberry-flavored Sexy Kandi before hitting up the dance floor. Every party should start off this sweet.

Sexy Kandi

Muddle 4 to 5 strawberries into the bottom of a mixing glass.

Fill with ice and add a touch of passion fruit juice and 2½ ounces of vodka.

Shake vigorously.  Serve into a short martini glass rimmed with pop rocks candy.

Add a blast of liquid nitrogen (if available/desired) and garnish with a strawberry dipped in pop rocks.

Juniper Spice

Muddle 2 fresh red bell peppers into the bottom of a mixing glass.

Fill with ice and add 1 ounce of flower blossom liqueur and 2½ ounces of aromatic gin.

Shake vigorously. Serve into a cocktail glass and top off with soda (Hed Kandi utilizes homemade flavored soda).  Garnish with a red bell pepper.

Cocktails are around $16 at Hed Kandi Lounge, 1200 Washington Avenue, South Beach; (305) 283-1664.

Published: 3/09

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