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WMC Up Close: DJ Paul van Dyk

German electronic dance legend Paul van Dyk is releasing a greatest-hits CD, which will include the anthems We Are Alive, Time of Our Lives, The Other Side, Seven Ways and the new track Home. Catch him at Space Friday night, March 28 and Ultra Fest Saturday, March 29.

What inspired you to put out a greatest-hits CD?

A lot of people always ask, “What is this and what is that track?” And I say it’s something I did like 12 years ago, and because my career has gone on more than 15 years now, and I’ve been part of many different elements of electronic music throughout the years, we believed it was a good time to show people what I did back in ‘94.

Is it a continuous mix?

Yes it is, and the great thing about it is, it’s not just my best tracks – it’s also the best remixes I have done. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, and U2 and New Order and some BT and the classics – it’s all gonna be on there in a continuous mix.

What’s next for you in the studio?

There’s a new track on the greatest-hits CD called Home, another collaboration I’ve done with John McDaid, the same vocalist I worked with on Time of Our Lives.

How long have you been performing at WMC?

Since ‘95 or ‘96.

What do you think of Miami?

I love it. I really, really, do. You have both sides – you have the really chilled-out, laid-back, beachy sort of hang-out side to it, but you also have the very vibrant, cultural, artistic, driving part of the city, and I love both. And I always enjoy myself when I’m down there, and I have a lot of friends as well, so I always have a great time.