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Campari companion

If you’re a Campari fan, you know Italy’s signature apéritif, flavored with herbs, spices and orange rind, packs a pretty snappy punch. Miami Beach’s Quattro Gastronomia Italiana takes the iridescent red spirit, essential to the classic Negroni, and mixes it with chardonnay and the herbal apéritif Aperol for a softer pre-dinner cocktail, the Quattrini.

Bar manager Capri Colello says it’s perfect for first-timers.

“There’s some people who don’t really care for Campari. It’s more of a European drink … but this is a great way to start, ” she says.


* Mix ½ ounce Aperol, ½ ounce chardonnay, ½ ounce Campari and ¼ ounce simple syrup in a cocktail shaker.

* Pour into a martini glass.

* Garnish with a sliver of grapefruit.


The Quattrini is $12 at Quattro, 1014 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach; 305-531-4833.