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Hammers, Cookies & Rose – Vol. 4

Do yourself a favor and get down to the Miami Beach Convention Center on Saturday, Sept. 28 and enjoy. You can thank us later. Two worlds will converge in what can only be described as one of the best people-watching opportunities of all time.

The Dub Show Tour, starring such fine talent and surnames like Rick Ross and Brisco and a bevy of tricked out rides (along with half-naked greased up models sliding off their hoods), and the Miami International Wine Fair (with the world’ finest wine snobs) will be sharing turf in SOBE, giving each group’s target demographic a unique encounter that neither will ever forget.

We heard the entertainment at the Wine Fair will include the up-and-coming rapper from Napa Valley called White Zin, with Argentine reggaeton sensation Mal-Bec as the show’s opening act.  But the real question of the night will be who sports more bling — the rappers or the sommeliers. 

So bust out your Crunk chalice and check out all the rims while sipping on a Riesling because this event is going to be off the hizzie. 

Note: The views expressed by Hammers, Cookies & Rose are not reflective of management (nor most people, for that matter).