Miami Beach gets the Crayola treatment with racy new coloring book

High Tides: Tales of Mermaids, Mayhem & Miami Beach
High Tides: Tales of Mermaids, Mayhem & Miami Beach
For those who have lived through the halcyon days of Miami Beach-be it circa the Rat Pack at the Fontainebleau or Madonna at Liquid-it’s hard to explain just how. great. it. truly. was.
Sure, there are pictures, and war stories and misty vodka-blurry mem’ries, but imagine it all once again in all its Technicolor glory right in the palms of your hands–literally. 
Enter “High Tides: Tales of Mermaids, Mayhem & Miami Beach,”  a 40-page adult coloring book designed by Miami Beach-based designer Paul Jacober and his Jacober Creative crew and inspired by our surrealistic sandbox. The book covers it graphically in a sexy, randy and sometimes racy way, but it also has a purpose and includes the most pressing issue facing us and the rest of South Florida that doesn’t have anything to do with Drake, Rihanna or a Kardashian spawn: the rising tides.
There are also some clever nods to landmarks like the Raleigh and Delano hotels as well as local icons Louis Canales and the inimitable Scull Sisters. 
“This playful book gives an unfiltered look at what shapes this adult playground into a paradigm of modern hedonism,” Jacober said. 
Whether you were or still are a player on the scene, add some of your own color to it buy purchasing a copy for $14.95 at