Richard Gere’s ‘Norman’ premiered at Miami Film Festival; it’s finally in theaters

Richard Gere was in our midst back in February at the Miami Film Festival to promote a project he was proud of: “Norman.”

The film is a departure for the veteran actor, known for manly roles in “An Officer and an Gentleman,” “American Gigolo” and “Internal Affairs.”

In “Norman,” out Friday,  Gere plays the highly eccentric title character, a New Yorker who is on the nebbishy side. Think Woody Allen —  if he went to the gym.

“This is not like anything I’ve ever done. That was one of the challenges and fears,” Gere told the Boston Herald.

Sometimes you just need to get out of your comfort zone. 

At the fest, he talked to WSVN about his character, a fixer itching for his last big job: “We do all know Norman. I don’t think there’s anyone on this planet that doesn’t know Norman. He’s the kind of guy who’s looking to help you out — whether or not he really can. They seem to be everywhere, and they always can make your life better. If you want an upgrade, if you want that restaurant, I can get you a table, I can do this. I’ll make it work for you.”

But ultimately, things don’t usually work out for fixers.

“They’re always somehow getting that straight-arm, that football term, that straight-arm to keep them distant. They never stop, they keep trying to get in.”