Thieves steal $150,000 worth of valuables from a Miami musician’s house, including his next album

Descemer Bueno.
Descemer Bueno.

Singer-songwriter Descemer Bueno got a rude awakening on Saturday.

The native Cuban told NBC6 that he returned home from a work trip and immediately realized his El Portal home had been ransacked.

A window and gate were open. Bueno did not set an alarm as he felt the neighborhood was safe and had never had an issue since moving there in 2010.

“Everything is missing,” said the “Bailando” collaborator. “This is my life.”

Among the items taken in the heist: a 2018 Mercedes, televisions, a washer/dryer as well as a laptop with songs he planned for an upcoming album.

He estimates roughly $150,000 worth of stuff is gone.

“The things that they took are what matter most to me,” he told Telemundo 51. “They have to do with the way I make music.”

Bueno believes that the thief knows he is famous.

“The person that did this came prepared,” he told the Spanish language station. “They knew I wasn’t here and they knew where to look. This was intentional and not just your average robbery.”

Police are investigating; surveillance video shows a car parked outside the home studio in his absence. They are also collecting fingerprints.

So far, the only thing that has appeared is the car, as Bueno explained to Miami radio personality Enrique Santos on Monday.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers, 305-471-TIPS.

Bueno will keep on keeping on. He plays the Flamingo Theater Bar in Miami Beach April 27.