Thousands of dollars will be hidden around a Miami park. Here’s how you can get some

It’s all about the Benjamins. OK, maybe the Jacksons.
It’s all about the Benjamins. OK, maybe the Jacksons.

Are you interested in getting some free money? As in cash you can get without taking out your ATM card at the bank/robbing the bank/borrowing a few $20s from your increasingly irate friends?

Then listen up.

Hidden Cash, the online scavenger hunt game that went viral in 2014, is now coming to Miami (as well as Jacksonville, plus Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana). The original game involved a mysterious philanthropist who wanted to give away money to ease his troubled mind.

This time around Hidden Cash is more or less admitting it’s all just a game.

But who cares about the back story? We’re talking free cash here. In Miami’s case, Hidden Cash will hide $6,000 in various amounts around a Miami park. To find it, you follow the clues provided by Hidden Cash on Twitter (@HiddenCash).

We have a couple clues for you upfront: The spot for the game is allegedly Crandon Park, and it’s all going down on April 10. The Hidden Cash crew will be out there, looking for your feedback. Good luck.

If you win, we may need to hit you up for a few bucks.