Has José José been ‘kidnapped’? Fans question a recent social media message the singer posted

Four months have passed since we had official news of José José, which was when a photo surfaced of the Mexican singer leaving a hospital in Miami to continue his recovery from pancreatic cancer.

The Mexican singer posted a message on his social media on Wednesday, an audio recording in which he says he is well and “improving little by little” of the cancer for which he was treated at a clinic in Miami until May of this year.

However, the voice of the “Príncipe de la Canción” (Prince of Song) seems to indicate a deterioration of his health.

In the two-minute recording José José referred to alleged rumors of one of his daughters having him “kidnapped” in his home, which was insinuated by the singer’s friend Carmelita Galaviz, in an interview with TV Azteca’s “Ventaneando.”

“I wanted also to check in with you all because I’ve heard reports that Sarita has kidnapped me and that’s not true,” said the artist. “[She] has been taking care of me since I left the hospital. Here I have been improving little by little, gaining weight, feeling better and better, we are very happy,” he added.

The renowned singer added that he is doing very well at home thanks to the care of his daughter and the doctors and following the treatment.

Many of José José’s fans questioned the accuracy of the recording, which was published on Wednesday afternoon.

“We want a video, I really do not believe anything, your voice sounded forced, really with all my heart I hope Sarita will give him the necessary care and the love he deserves; but the truth is he sounds very bad since we heard him months ago,” wrote the user Meluvita.

“You do not have any right to deprive him of his freedom,” “Sara has him under siege,” others commented.

Another fan asked to see José José and let him “enjoy the affection he cultivated among those who love him and admire him.”

Laura Núñez, José José’s personal assistant, said in a recent interview with “Ventaneando” that she traveled to Homestead, where the Mexican artist reportedly lives with her youngest daughter, because she had no news of him.

“I traveled to Miami because I did not know about him and I did not get a good answer, I could not see him. I do not know anything about him. I do not know if he is OK or not,” said Núñez.

A presenter from “Ventaneando” also tried to locate José José in Homestead but nobody opened the door.

“It seems that the Prince of Song sought the most secluded place in all of Florida to separate himself from the world and recover, but who knows if this is what is really happening?”

June was the last time we saw a photo of José José, when Mexican actor Fernando Allende uploaded a picture to social media with the artist in Miami. He looks thinner, but is still smiling.

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