The BET Hip Hop Awards had some unusual moments: Like when XXX Tentacion got called out

XXXTentacion performs during the second day of the Rolling Loud Festival in downtown Miami on Saturday, May 6, 2017.
XXXTentacion performs during the second day of the Rolling Loud Festival in downtown Miami on Saturday, May 6, 2017. For the Miami Herald

It wouldn’t be a proper awards show if there weren’t a teeny bit of controversy, and there was.

We’re talking about the BET Hip Hop Awards, which aired Tuesday night. The performers were all down in South Florida shooting at The Fillmore Miami Beach earlier this month.

While nothing really surprises us much at, here are some top moments that we won’t forget (at least until the next awards show).

DeRay Davis is hilarious

Call him the host with the most. The onetime “21 Jump Street” star brought the funny and provided much needed comic relief to this sometimes intense rapfest. He busted on Kanye West, Drake (who weren’t there) and even interrupted  DJ Khaled during the producer’s acceptance speech for DJ of the Year. Khaled got Kanye’d. That happened.

Lil Wayne goes deep

It’s rare we see our favorite music stars get emotional. But Weezy had a serious come to Jesus moment on stage while accepting his I Am Hip Hop prize. Dressed in a hoodie/cape/shawl silver getup, he told the audience how grateful he was for his fans, friends, colleagues and family (his daughter and mother were behind him) and for anyone who refused to believe in him through the years. A little cringeworthy: LW also thanked the New Orleans homicide detective Uncle Bob who “refused” to let him die back when he shot himself at the age of 12. Intense.

Nothing stops Cardi B

Despite all her tantrums and (alleged) upstart behavior, we remembered why we love this woman so much: She can entertain. Cardi owned this ceremony, busting onto stage in a camoflauge, skin baring getup and long red braid. She threw down “Get Up 10” without barely taking a breath, then was joined by Pardison Fontaine for “Backin’ It Up.” “I know how to make a b—h mad!” Were much of the lyrics bleeped out? You betcha! Was the NYPD watching for her to do something cray-cray? Maybe.

Vic Mensa is really sorry

During the Chicago hip hopper’s freestyling rapping session, he reportedly called the late XXX Tentacion a “domestic abuser” and was forced to later apologize after he found out the slain singer’s mother was in the audience: “I had no idea a grieving mother would be in the audience to honor her lost son. However, I vehemently reject the trend in hip-hop of championing abusers, and I will not hold my tongue about it.” Eek. It really doesn’t get more awkward than shaming a dead person with his mom in the house. Read his uncensored diss here

Protect women. Domestic & sexual abuse are not excusable because you have talent or you are troubled. With that said I was not aware his mother would be in attendance & I offer her my deepest condolences.

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T.I. is relevant again

No arrests this year. Fans may recall the rap veteran was snagged in Atlanta back in 2007 on a gun possession charge before he was set to perform at the BET Hip Hop Awards. This year, he emerged as one of the highlights of the show, despite the beef he got over his sexy Melania Trump video. He did stuff off his new album, “Dime Trap,” and then was later ably joined by Yo Gotti for their collabo “Wraith. We loved T.I.’s prop: A bottle of Macallan scotch. Welcome back to the scene, Tip. You keep doing you.