Remember dream boy band 98 Degrees? Now’s your chance to relive the ’90s

Ah, the ’90s. What an innocent time. No Facebook, Snapchat or insane early morning Twitter rants.

Anyone who grew up during this era also remembers  the music by the likes of 98 Degrees.

Start planning your throwback selfies now because the boy (now man) band is headed to Fontainebleau Miami Beach as part of the hotel’s BleauLive concert series. The show goes down Friday, Oct. 12. The original date of Oct. 17 was recently changed.

Jeff Timmons, Justin Jeffre and brothers Nick and Drew Lachey will take the stage at the iconic property,  serenading diehard fans with some of their biggest hits like “The Hardest Thing,” “Because of You” and “Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche).”

Formed in 1996, 98 Degrees is one of the biggest boy bands of the late 1990s, blending pop and R&B.

Throughout their career, the foursome sold over 10 million records worldwide and earned eight top 40 single spots in the United States.

That said, their last album was “2.0” in 2013, so don’t be expecting any new stuff.

The band members seem happy they came up when they did. Nick Lachey said last year he doesn’t think they could have dealt with the maelstrom of the Internet back then.

“The one thing I will say about what bands today have to go through versus what we did is the social media dynamic of the industry is there now where it wasn’t when we were coming up,” Jessica Simpson’s ex told INSIDER. “I, for one, am incredibly grateful that we didn’t have to deal with that because it just adds such an element of intensity to everything.”

Today being a pop star is a lot more difficult, in his opinion.

“Kudos to, not just boy bands, but anybody who’s in pop culture today who is under such a microscope as far as social media stuff,” Lachey added. “It is more difficult now than it was when we were coming up for sure.”

As for the local concert this fall, if you really want to make 98 Degrees an immersive experience, cocktail/dinner packages available before the show starting at $65-$99 per person. Or  you can snag a  weekend escape with accommodations with rooms starting at $299, which includes two general admission ticket, two-hour complimentary specialty cocktails and overnight parking for one car.

Info/tickets at; 305-674-4641.