Is this Gente de Zona singer a mooch? Wife’s ex claims the singer is sponging off of him

Randy Malcom is dealing with some messy issues close to home.

The Gente de Zona singer is being accused of living off of Cuban baseball player Yunel Escobar’s earnings. By Yunel Escobar himself.

Malcom is married to Annaby Pozo, who has a son with Escobar.

The MLB baller also claims he pays for the couple’s Miami home, as well as  $6,000 a month in support for his son, reports Cubanos Por El Mundo. The free agent, despite admitting to be a “millionaire,” claims he’s also out thousands on lawyer’s fees. (That, we definitely believe.)
No response from the Malcom nor Pozo, who seems to be living it up at  home. A recent shot shows her in a bikini next to a pool, looking way happy.
Malcom, for his part, seems pretty happy too. Gente de Zona’s new song, “Te duele,” surpassed 30 million views on YouTube.

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