This Instagram exchange between Gaby Espino’s two ex husbands caused a furor on the internet

Gaby Espino and Jencarlos Canela
Gaby Espino and Jencarlos Canela

These artists made it clear that children always come first, regardless of the status of their relationships.

The two former partners of Venezuelan actress Gaby Espino – actor Cristóbal Lander and singer Jencarlos Canela – exchanged messages this week on Instagram joking about the fate of future boyfriends of Oriana, Espino’s daughter with Lander.

It all started when Lander, 40, published a photograph of himself and 10-year-old Oriana, commenting “And when Ori talks to us about boyfriends @jencarlosmusic he has to go through many filters.”

Y cuando ori nos hable de novios @jencarlosmusic tiene que pasar por varios filtros

A post shared by Cristobal Lander (@lander_cris) on Aug 13, 2018 at 3:10pm PDT

The Cuban-American singer did not take long to respond and wrote in the comments that these boyfriends “won’t get through this filter alive.”

Although Canela is not the biological father of Oriana, he spent a lot of time with her during the three years he was with the Venezuelan actress, with whom he had son Nickolas, who is now six.

And although they split up in 2014, their relationship is healthy enough that the singer continues to see and treat Oriana as if she were his own daughter, according to People en Español.

The artists do not seem to mind the rumors that circulated in 2011 claiming that Espino was supposedly dating Canela during the last months of her marriage to Lander.

The exchange of messages between the Venezuelan actor and the Cuban-American singer was immediately praised by his followers.

“How beautifully @lander_cris and jencarlosmusic  speak. That’s called maturity, it’s called respect. That’s beautiful. Well the future boyfriend of the girl won’t have it easy,” commented a user identified as Marba Lameda.

Another user, Ana Baquero, said “how nice, what a wonderful example they give to their children, that is to live in harmony,” while the user Nine Herrera wrote “their relationship is admirable and they can transmit that to many families. Thanks for being an example. “