‘Bachelorette’ winner still explaining why he liked controversial Parkland shooting post

Bachelorette Becca Kufrin made her decision Monday night.

And she chose the most questionable suitor of the whole bunch:  Garrett Yrigoyen. The sales rep had quite a rocky start last May when it was uncovered that he had “liked” a series of controversial posts on social media.

We for sure thought Yrigoyen was a goner, especially after hearing that he liked a post alleging Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivor David Hogg was a crisis actor.

But no, the ABC housemate not only survived, but thrived.

Now that he’s happily engaged to Kufrin, we have to wonder what she was thinking.

One guy in the winner’s corner is surprisingly runner up Blake Horstmann, who recently discussed Yrigoyen being a Parkland conspiracy theorist on a conference call with press.

“That’s not the Garrett I knew in the house,” said Horstmann, who actually also survived a  shooting in 2006 at his high school in Colorado. “I’m sure he will learn from all of this and I trust Becca, I trust her decision and I trust her character.”

Yrigoyen has since apologized for his actions  and the account in question has since been deleted. But Variety reports that when the reality star  asked if he has reached out to Hogg to apologize, he said he did not, adding that he does not actually believe the Parkland resident is a crisis actor.

We did the damn thing! ❤️

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The 29-year-old California native attempted to explain himself to the publication: “Initially, when I followed those accounts, it’s because I am a patriotic guy. I do support our troops and I love my country, so when I saw those posts in the beginning, I would just scroll through — I see a guy in uniform or something like that — and I would just scroll through and just, I don’t know, double tap.”

Kufrin helped him change his Internet ways, he added: “I never looked into it or read the comment or tags, until [she] brought it up and talked to me and said, ‘Garrett, you can’t do that….She helped me see all sides.”

Glad that’s all cleared up now.