Dwayne Johnson went to the aquarium with his family. Animal rights activists weren’t happy.

Dwyane The Rock Johnson
Dwyane The Rock Johnson

The pictures were adorable.

So what was the problem?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson went to  the Georgia Aquarium with his family Sunday and posed with a few of the facility’s sea creatures.

Found my next co-star. Just look at this beautiful animal with staggering intelligence. And the Beluga Whale is awesome too. Seriously, in awe of these creatures. #GeorgiaAquarium @hhgarcia41

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Now some animal activists are up in arms about the action star making light of animals being kept in captivity.

One particularly cute photo (we at thought) saw Johnson posing with a beluga whale, writing that he had found his next “costar.”

Wrote one user: “If you love these beautiful creatures so much, why support the place where they’re held captive and forced to perform and have been stolen from their homes in the ocean, where they belong! Really disappointing.”

Another: “He was on a [streak] doing all the right things…. Then this crap. I wonder how much $$$ he took for this.”

Another complained that hanging out in an aquarium was equivalent to a “crime”: “Rock, an idol like you should not associate your image with a crime like [this]. Freedom to all animals!”

Me: So anyway dude, I’m kinda famous and cool and chicks dig me. Seal: Don’t give a shit. Me: Cool. #GeorgiaAquarium #SpecialConnection #TwoDudes @hhgarcia41

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But the three posts taken at the aquarium did garner millions of likes.

And there were quite a few fans who supported his decision to go there.

A comment under a picture with a sea lion summed it up: “Leave the rock alone. This man took his family out and was nice to share his time spent some where with every one of you all. And all you can do is knock him for visiting a place, wake up you stupid people.”

The “Skyscraper” star did not comment about his outing with his girlfriend and daughter, but did thank the organizers of the trip.