We found the most Miami cocktail ever. Behold the one gallon mojito.

In case this wasn’t on your radar: National Mojito Day is Wednesday, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be clamoring for any excuse to cool down and drink alcoholic beverages at the same time.

To honor this major duomo holiday (there are  1,500 national days in a year, so hard to keep track, we know) KINGS Dining and Entertainment Doral is reminding all non-teetotalers about its viral Gallon Mojito. Just as it sounds, this cocktail is massive, meant for four or more people.

Price of this one gallon drink: $60. 

Selfie of you imbibing this one gallon drink: Priceless.

You have 1 hour to finish one of these GIANT drinks.. tag the friend you’d have help you!! Our #Miami location serves up these super sized cocktails. Who’s headed to Miami? via @intheknowbyaol

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Ingredients of the traditional Cuban highball: white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water and fresh mint.

Please don’t send us hate mail on Thursday blaming us for your hangover.