DJ Khaled is on a fabulous vacation right now. Here’s why fans aren’t happy.

Ummm, not cool.

DJ Khaled  pulled out of appearing at last weekend’s Wireless Festival in London, and fans aren’t happy.

Though Drake rocked it out as headliner, the Miami producer cited “travel issues” for his no-show.

But eagle eyed fans scanned his social media to see what his issues were and could detect no problems at all.

In fact, Khaled looked in perfectly good shape, bebopping around on his private jet with his beloved family.

There he is toasting with his wife, there he is in an infinity pool with his son. Nice!

KHALED FAMILY! GLOBAL 6000 Swipe for more vibes

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We get that he’s “blessed” and all, but a guy’s gotta work, right?

Still on vacation!!!!!!!! In this pic me and my son discussing release date for new anthem . @asahdkhaled: dad we fully loaded .. Daddy: of course! I also said son lets enjoy our vacation our fans know we coming FAN LUV KNOW HOW WE DO ! ASHAD : but dad I got the @justinbieber vocals !!! DAddy: IM PROUD OF YOU !!!!!!!!! @wethebestmusic !!!! #FatherOfAsahd MOGUL TALK !

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A Twitter user Tetz summed up many disappointed fans’ feeling with a Tweet saying the DJ was in a pool that “Doesn’t look anywhere like Finsbury Park,” the UK fest’s venue. “Ain’t he meant to be at Wireless today?”