The Internet is Neymaring like crazy. And we’re totally on board with it.

Everyone’s doing it.

The Neymar roll or Neymaring, aka writhing across the ground in faux pain.

While the Brazilian soccer star Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, aka Neymar, is known for his dramatics on the pitch, his antics against Serbia at the Group Stage were so meme-worthy, the internet had to react.

Needless to say, #Neymaring is now a thing.

An Instagram video is floating around showing Neymar rolling from the field, into the path of an oncoming truck, down an avalanche and even ending up in a spider’s web. LOL!

On Wednesday, Soccerdrill posted an adorable video of a group of  little kids stopping, dropping and rolling, laughing all the while.

Here’s a guy who can’t stop Neymaring:

KFC South Africa even came out with an ad poking fun at the Brazilian soccer player, who is as well known for his skills on the field as for his dramatics. Word is he has spent a whopping 14 minutes total on the ground so far.

When asked about why he overreacts when he is just slightly injured, the 26 year old forward replied, “It’s complicated. It’s not something I can control,” according to the BBC.

We’re happy that Neymar is not really injured in these instances when he appears to be writhing about in agony and it does make for some entertaining soccer when we see him rolling around.

Have you tried the Neymar challenge yet? Or the Neymar roll?

We personally can’t wait to see the man in action 2 p.m. Friday vs. Belgium. We hope he doesn’t get hurt for real. We think.