Shaq is back in the Miami heat — hanging out at Pitbull’s school and DJing with Gucci Mane

Shaq is baq.

We mean back.

The 46 year old onetime  Miami Heat power player is doing what he loves: living the South Florida lifestyle.

The basketball legend, formally known as Shaquille O’Neal, played with the Heat from 2004 to 2008, and definitely made a large splash around these parts.

He’s done a ton of stuff since then, from podcasts and TV shows to DJ’ing. Most recently, O’Neal hosted Shaq’s Fun House during Miami Music Week, and spins with Gucci Mane during a stop on his Summer of Shaq tour on Thursday night at LIV and Friday at the Delano with Diplo.

Suns out guns out Summer of SHAQ starts now

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Yep, a jack of many trades: In 2015, O’Neal was sworn in as a police officer in Doral, and paid the tidy sum of $0.

On Friday, he wears his movie star hat: costarring with a handful of other real life basketball stars in “Uncle Drew.” It’s a full length feature film based on the 2012 Pepsi commercial, both starring the Boston Celtics’ Kyrie Irving, who plays a geriatric hoops icon who’s still got game.

“I had a blast hanging with those guys,” said the Hall of Fame center from Pitbull’s SLAM Charter School’s gymnasium. “We sometimes had to do a few takes because we were cracking up.”

The seven foot one athlete doesn’t play much basketball in the movie. He spent four hours a day in the makeup chair, trying to look old as his character, retired hoops player Big Fella.

“I mean, I’m young, so yeah, it’s a challenge,” Diesel laughed, adding that when retirement time comes for real he won’t own a martial arts studio like Big Fella does.

“Nah, I’m going to retire in the sun, have some fun,” Shaq said.

Sounds like he’s already halfway there.