Fat Joe shares his weird Florida stories - and why you should stay away from bus shelters

Fat Joe and Al Madrigal know a thing or two about Florida.

Fat Joe lives part time in Broward County. Has for a while now. Madrigal often covered the Sunshine State as a correspondent on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” from 2011 to 2016.

“‘The Daily Show’ subsisted on Florida news as entertainment for a while,” said Madrigal, 47,  while in Miami promoting his comedy “Night School,” out Friday. “There’s just too much going on here.”

And he remembered doing a few sets at the Coconut Grove Improv back in the day.

“It was one of the weirdest places to perform,” said the comic. “One show I did, a woman’s hair caught on fire and no one did anything. None of her friends. She just patted it out. I’m on stage, like, ‘What’s happening?’ Everyone just moved away from them and that was it.”

Tonight was our first screening for “Night School” in Miami. my brother @kevinhart4real had me in tears NIGHT SCHOOL sept 28th everywhere

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In 2013, Madrigal’s career hit a high point when he was assigned to investigate how fervently the tea party wanted the right to ride manatees.

“The tea party came out and said you should be able to ride whatever you want,” chuckled Madrigal. “They were like, ‘This is a free country, this is our country, and if I want to ride a manatee I should be able to do it!’”

Madrigal ended up swimming with the mammoth creatures.

“Only in Florida,” he said, adding he visited for non-work reasons .

“Key West has to be one of the weirdest places I’ve ever been to in my entire life,” he said. “I went on vacation there once. It’s people who have just reached the end of the world and stayed. They had nowhere else to go.”

Madrigal’s “Night School” costar Fat Joe couldn’t help but chime in.

“I like Key West! There are far worse places I’ve seen on my tour bus,” he said. “The most boring drive ever is from here to Pensacola. There isn’t anything to look at.”

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The “All the Way Up” singer, 48, has his own “only in Florida” stories, having lived in the Sunshine State for 15 years. Particuarly traumatizing was building his home in Plantation from scratch.

“In New York, where I grew up, they will put construction paper on the window and build a roller coaster there overnight. Here, the second it drizzles everyone quits!” the rapper complained.  “It’s like, ‘Yo! We gotta go home it’s raining!’ One drop and ‘Nah! It’s over!’ And here I am I’m pulling my hair out, and I don’t even have hair! I mean, c’mon, ya gotta work!”

Any other complaints? Issues?

Apparently, all Floridians should all stay away from bus shelters.

“They’re dangerous. You could like die, waiting for  a bus, trying to get to work.”