Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee just canceled three shows together. Is the ‘Despacito’ duo beefing?

'Despacito,' only one of the biggest crossover hits in the history of music, will not be performed for Chilean audiences this October.
'Despacito,' only one of the biggest crossover hits in the history of music, will not be performed for Chilean audiences this October.

Fans of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee were all set for their chance to see the pair sing their monster hit “Despacito” live.

The long-awaited moment would take place in Chile in three concerts scheduled for Oct. 5, 6 and 7.

But hopes were quickly dashed when last Friday the three concerts were cancelled, despite the fact that the tickets were already on sale.

While one of the parties alleges that the reason had to do with the supposed estrangement between the Puerto Rican artists, the other party denies it outright.

The group organizing the event in Chile Empire Digital reported in a statement that the cancellation was given only and exclusively to the refusal of Daddy Yankee to share the stage with Luis Fonsi.

It was planned that the artists would make a separate presentation and at the end they would perform “Despacito” together.

“We completely deny the accusations issued by Daddy Yankee. The cancellation is due to demands not stipulated in the contract imposed unilaterally by the artist, who refuses to share the stage (with Luis Fonsi),” Empire Digital Entertainment Group said in a statement.

Earlier, Daddy Yankee’s Cartel Records label blamed Empire Digital for “breaching the terms of payment stipulated in the contract, among other breaches.”

Cancelados los shows en Chile

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Edwin Prado, attorney for Daddy Yankee, explained in a statement that the cancellation “is solely due to the fact that the company Empire Digital breached the economic agreement, as of September 1 still owing the artist half a million dollars.”

Fonsi, for his part, assured that he had nothing to do with the cancellation of the three concerts. “This decision has absolutely nothing to do with me and is out of my hands,” he wrote in his Instagram account.

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Although Fonsi did not specifically talk about his relationship with his Puerto Rican colleague, his manager Tony Mojena explained in a statement that “there is no type of conflict” between the two artists.

The supposed distancing between the two artists began in May of 2017 when Fonsi publicly confessed that the artist he wanted to for “Despacito” was Nicky Jam and not Daddy Yankee.

Another issue that influenced the cooling of relations between the popular artists was the fact that the government of Puerto Rico chose Fonsi for a tourism campaign with the popular song as the main theme, leaving the interpreter of “La Gasolina” out of the contract.

In spite of the controversy,  the “Despacito” music video already has more than 5.524 billion views on YouTube.