This Telemundo host shoved someone on live television. What was that about?

María Celeste Arrarás is the host of "Al rojo vivo" on Telemundo.
María Celeste Arrarás is the host of "Al rojo vivo" on Telemundo.

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It was a simple incident. “Things that happen on live television,” Maria Celeste Arrarás called it in a post on Instagram. But it generated indignant criticism from viewers who caught the live broadcast on Telemundo.

On Sept. 14, amid the harried coverage of Hurricane Florence in North Carolina, Telemundo’s “Al Rojo Vivo” show lost its satellite signal and what the viewers suddenly saw on their screens was the moment when Arrarás forcefully pushed her stylist Giuliana Ardito off the set.

For many it was a shove, but for Arrarás it was “a reflex reaction to the feeling that someone touched me on the shoulder just at the moment we had lost the live satellite signal,” she explained in an email sent to El Nuevo Herald on Sept. 20.

The incident was taken out of context, which caused people to say hurtful things that were “horrible” and “unfair,” added Arrarás, who felt that “her essence as a human being” was being called into question.

The host of “Al Rojo Vivo” explained the situation several days ago on her Instagram account in the text that accompanied a photo with the stylist, in which both appeared smiling.

“Here with my lifelong friend and stylist @giulianaardito today something unusual happened to us. During the East Coast edition of our program, we lost the live signal from North Carolina due to the bad weather of Hurricane Florence, and when the director suddenly returned to the studio, he surprised her just as she was going to fix something on my dress. To prevent that error from going on the air, I reacted with my reflexes, moving her off camera. I know some of you misunderstood that moment and that’s why I am clarifying.”

Mari, como siempre gracias por salvarme la vida! Love you amiga Repost @mariacelestearraras (@get_repost) ・・・ ¡Las cosas de la televisión en vivo! Aquí con mi amiga de toda la vida y estilista @giulianaardito que hoy nos pasó algo insólito. Durante la edición de la costa este de nuestro programa se cayó la señal en vivo desde Carolina del Norte debido al mal tiempo del huracán Florence, y cuando el director regresó súbitamente al estudio, la sorprendió justo cuando iba a arreglar algo en mi vestido. Para evitar que ese error saliese al aire yo reaccioné con mis reflejos sacándola del tiro de la cámara. Sé que algunos de ustedes mal interpretaron ese momento y por eso esta aclaración. Buen fin de semana.

A post shared by Giuliana Ardito (@giulianaardito) on Sep 14, 2018 at 3:06pm PDT

Ardito then shared the same post on her own Instagram, and received a series of comments from viewers who interpreted the action of the presenter as “disrespectful.”

“Never allow yourself to be trampled like this. It’s a bad example for a Latina to allow physical abuse in her workplace … Do not let her disrespect you in that way again,” wrote a concerned person.

Another one of the stylist’s followers said that they did not believe her words of thanks to Arrarás “for saving my life.”

“They made you say that because you know we don’t believe this story. We saw the violence with which Maria Celeste reacted,” wrote the follower.

In her letter to El Nuevo Herald, which she also posted on Instagram, Arrarás also added that “an image taken out of context can be interpreted in many ways.”

“If the people who work with me know anything, it’s that it was not aggression like others have tried to make it seem,” she added.

She said she considers that her colleague knows that there was no bad intention and asked once again not to be judged by an image out of context.

“In my 30-year career, I have always counted on the affection and admiration of many of you, which has always given me pride and I like to think that I have earned it with my honest work and faultless conduct,” she concluded.