Lil Pump was just driving a Rolls Royce in Little Havana. But there was a problem.

Lil Pump may have been styling out in his Rolls, but Miami cops weren’t having it.

The rapper was arrested Wednesday in Miami for driving without a license after being pulled over in Little Havana, reports Local 10.

When the officer ran the 18 year old’s plates, they came back to another car, a Mini Cooper. Hmm.

MIAMI NIGHTZZ August 17 harverddropoutt !

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That wasn’t all:  The “Gucci Gang” singer could not produce a driver’s license. So yeah.

TMZ has pics of Lil Pump, a car aficionado judging by his Instagram posts, being cuffed in the street.

The Miami Gardens native, who made headlines earlier this summer for having Charlie Sheen in his “Drug Addicts” video,  was released on $500 bond a few hours later.

As for his ride home, we hope the kid got an Uber.

Lam talk

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