Maluma caught in the bed with half-naked harem of women. For music.

Polygamy and harems were once the measure of manhood for powerful men. This concept served as inspiration for a controversial photograph that was posted to Instagram by Colombian singer Maluma.

Unlike the harems of yesteryear, none of the seven women in the erotic scene appears with a veil. Instead they are half-naked in the full faculties of their sensuality and femininity, pampering the singer.

Defying any criticism about his effeminate features and perhaps also to shut down questions about his sexuality, the Colombian singer shows an excess of virility in the viral image.

However, the photo sparked controversy among those who criticize him for denigrating the female gender, as they say he did in his song “Cuatro Babys.” Many consider the new photo “disrespectful.”

There were also homophobic comments from those who question his sexuality.

#MalaMia S O O N…. !!

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“Piece of idiot women are shown love with respect,” wrote @ atenea30_.

The image of the 24-year-old singer is labeled “Mala Mia,” the name of his new single with Bad Bunny, soon to be on airwaves. Fans already got a taste of the song in a video Maluma shared on social media.

In the video Maluma appears sailing on a yacht through the bay by ​​Miami, while savoring a cigar and singing a verse.

#malamia #maluma #lunes buenos días ☀️

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The thousands of followers of the singer, whose real name is Juan Luis Londoño Arias, couldn’t wait to comment once they saw him surrounded by women, heaping praise on the singer.

“Maluma the Arab himself,” wrote the user @harryupmusic. Another of his followers said: “What a good life you have eh.”