Krispy Kreme is practically giving away free doughnuts on Friday. Here’s how to get ‘em.

Original glazed
Original glazed

Start dieting now because Friday you are eating doughnuts.

Cheap ones.

Krispy Kreme isn’t letting the fact that it’s turning 81 go to waste.

On Friday, you can score a dozen treats for just a buck.

The catch: This deal is BOGO-ish. You’ll have to purchase a dozen of the original glazed to get your $1 box of the same.

“One of our favorite times during the year is when we get to celebrate our birthday with our fans,” said Krispy Kreme CEO Mike Tattersfield in a statement.

Shaq’s even gotten in on the act: “12 plus 1 equals 24” reads the Twitter post with the former Miami heat star acting as spokesman.

The basketball legend can probably polish off all 24 in one sitting, but that’s another story.