Ready to get your Floribama Shore on? There’s more to love this time around.

It’s baaacccckkkk.

MTV’s “Floribama Shore” managed to get a season 2 greenlighted (yes) and the first episode premieres 9 p.m. Monday.

We’re ready to see what these eight young partiers, who live to, um, live it up in Panama City Beach, are up to this time around.

Everyone’s back for more action, Deadline reports: Jeremiah Buoni of Amelia Island; Aimee Hall of Perdido; Candace Rice of Memphis; Gus Smyrnios of Tallahassee;  Nilsa Prowant and Kortni Gilson of Panama City Beach; Kirk Medas of Atlanta;  and Codi Butts of Westminster, S.C.

What to expect from the premiere, as per one sneak peek trailer: Um, we’re not sure. It just shows an alligator toy phone mingling with a decoy duck. Mmm, OK.

We do know there is more to love. As in footage.

Filming took place over three months and there are 20 episodes, as opposed to just one month for season one, which saw only a mere eight, reports the cable network.

Another trailer shows a quick clip which features “more Shoremances… and broken bromances.” Read: Drinking and drama.

“This summer head down south,” says a voiceover.

Well, we’re already down south, but we’re stuck inside working, so we’ll probably tune in.

Plus,we miss the hell out of Jersey Shore.