This Miami Instagram fitness model embraces her curves — and wants you to do the same.

Nicole Mejia started out wanting to be a nurse.

She’s a fitness model now, with no regrets. Because she’s still helping others.

Mejia, who was a bit heavyset when she was younger, told People en Espanol that after a few years in nursing school, she decided to turn to Instagram shoots on the side.

“I went from a few thousand to a million followers in six months,” she says. “I came to this crossroads where I could either stay in nursing and have it as a fail-safe or I could leave and attempt this.”

Her current followers count is at 1.3 million and counting.

The Miamian’s self help website and app Fit+Thick, a nutrition and exercise plan, came soon after.

Reject “either/or” mentality from your life. I have started to do this and it’s been quite a liberating experience because it’s unlocked limiting thought patterns in my life. “I can either own my sexuality or be a successful business woman.” WRONG. I am a complex & dynamic human, in whom is the room to both embrace & express every aspect of my being. – “I can either take time to heal & love myself after my breakup or start dating & learn love others again.” WRONG. If I’m honest with myself, learning to love others unconditionally has taught me more about loving myself than my solitude ever did. – “I can either be a creative person or a successful business owner.” WRONG. I can leverage my creativity to improve my business skills. – I’ve been working with a book called “The Artist’s Way” to help unearth some of the blocks that have been put in place in my psyche over the past few years. They may sound silly & fairly obvious to you when you read them, but if you do a similar dig on yourself, you may find comparable blockages in your subconscious. They’re like those things that you intellectually know but haven’t quite internalized or let yourself believe. Well, pinpointing them has allowed me to witness just how embedded they are & how vast their influence infiltrates my decisions & everyday interactions. – What you believe about yourself is what you are. It’s what you emanate. It’s what perpetuates. – Working on changing your belief system about yourself will help you shape the thoughts, actions, and eventually, the results that you see throughout your life. For example, if you believe that you are limitless and capable of anything you put your mind to, then opportunities will open up to you. You will also have a certain intrinsic motivation & drive about you. People often ask “how to find motivation.” Work on the belief set that surrounds your desired outcome. If you believe that you’re capable of achieving the goal, then the motivation will come naturally. If you believe that life’s a bitch & good things only come to those who are lucky, & that you’re not one of them, how much motivation do you think you’re going to have behind your daily actions?

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What separates her from the rest of the herd?

Mejia is not stick-thin, nor does she want to be. She works “locally within the community to promote a positive culture of women empowerment, self-care, and self-love through public speaking, event hosting, and the occasional Instagram Story rant,” reads her site, where you’ll find workout tips, merchandise and “attainable” goals.

Everything in moderation is a favorite motto.

“I am honored. I feel like I have a purpose,” she told People.

In a recent post, showing off her bootylicious body in a bikini,  Mejia sums up her philosophy in the caption: “If you can’t handle my depths, don’t waste hyour time playing on my shores.”

If you can’t handle my depths, don’t waste your time playing on my shores.

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