This Telemundo star wants to use her morning show to help empower women

Telemundo's Rashel Díaz is all about helping women live their best lives.
Telemundo's Rashel Díaz is all about helping women live their best lives.

Television personality Rashel Díaz shares the same problem as many parents: managing her children’s exposure to the explicit lyrics of today’s popular music.

“It’s another era,” admitted the Cuban star, who appears every morning on Telemundo as part of the cast of “Un Nuevo Día.”

“What we have discovered is that there is nothing more important than striving to talk with our children about everything, even things that can be uncomfortable,” she said, referring to her relationship her children Juan Daniel, 19, and Daniela, 14.

“I like to ask them what they think about politics, comment on the news of the day. Knowing how my daughter feels, for example, about events like what happened in Parkland,” said Diaz, 45. That includes the lyrics of urban music, which fills her with the same mixture of frustration and concern shared by many parents.

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“Those songs are here and you have to know what they think about what they are listening to,” said the dancer and model. “The important thing is that they have an opinion about what they experience. As long as the children know how to think and reflect on their own, things are fine.”

What would really be troublesome, she explains, is “that they have no opinion. I would worry about that.”

Even with the challenges, Rashel Díaz thinks we are at an important moment for the improvement of relations between men and women, which allows girls to be seen as people with right to live their lives as they see fit.

“Things have changed a lot and I celebrate it,” she said. “Now women have a voice and we are using it. This does not mean that we have to silence men, far from it. But we do use that voice to express ourselves. ”

In this sense she applauds that “Un Nuevo Día” has decided to deepen its mission to give useful information to its audience. “We have three hours to discuss all the issues,” she said, and although she knows that the public seems to have a weakness for “real” news and gossip, she is convinced that it is much easier to change channels when a show doesn’t offer something useful.

Her favorite topic is about women’s empowerment because as she says it is a new era “and we must take advantage of it to live as best we can.” For her that includes enjoying the good times.

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