Kali Uchis has moved on from ‘Miami.’ Now she’s slinking around in her sexy video for ‘Get Up’

Kali Uchis
Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis.

Name has a ring to  it.

So does her music.

The Colombian singer born Karly-Marina Loaiza  is moving up the ranks.

The 23 year old Latin Grammy nominee recently appeared on “The Tonight Show,” to promote her album, “Isolation,” and has collaborated with everyone from Snoop Dogg to Diplo, and toured with Lana Del Rey .

Locals may know Uchis’ bilingual song, “Miami,” from her debut studio album “Isolation.”

“Got myself a visa and started catching flight to where the grass is greener,” Uchis sings sensually.  “Live fast and never die. I’m moving at the speed of light. I’ll take your money, raise the price. Blow up the spot like dynamite.”

She goes on to call Miami, “the land of opportunity and palm trees,” but later admits she doesn’t like the drug scene (“no me gusta coca.”)

The sexy songstress just released a video for the first track “Get Up,” in which Uchis writhes around like a belly dancer in a creepy castle like venue.

In one of the beginning scenes, Uchis sees a woman resembling herself as dead in a coffin, then runs away.

She sings and she slinks like a serpent through the ethereal set. “I’m packing, I’m leaving. There’s no tracking where I’m going. Just come closer. Closer. ”

In the last scene, the rising music star is floating underwater as if she is drowning.

Like we said: Creepy. But in a good way. If that makes sense.