Lili Estefan just took heat for interviewing her teenage daughter on TV. Why?

Lili Estefan
Lili Estefan

Seems Lili Estefan can’t please everyone.

The veteran journalist is currently taking heat, not about her divorce or career, but her parenting.

On Wednesday she did an interview with her daughter Lina, 15, on her show, “El gordo y la flaca.”

The Univision star and the teenager sat down for the first time together in front of cameras. Apparently, Lina had been reluctant in the past to go public (we get it).

In an Instagram post, you see the young model sitting on a couch, posing,  looking serious.

Mi Pequeña Gigante!!!!! Mi chiquitica!!!!! Hoy me tocó entrevistarla no se lo pueden perder #costaoeste #MiniLili #LaFlacaJr

A post shared by Lili Estefan (@liliestefan) on Apr 4, 2018 at 3:50pm PDT

Just as you’d expect, Estefan did not get 100 percent support from viewers about putting her daughter out there, reports People en Espanol.

“I think the pride you feel towards your daughter is nice, but it’s an entertainment program, what’s the point of interviewing her?” one follower asked.

“We are promoting Pequeños Gigantes,  a show following talented children and how Lina has danced ballet since she was a child. Univision asked me to interview my daughter to promote the program. That is all. I had a hard time convincing her but we managed to keep her in mind,” Estefan answered, reported the outlet.

Other commenters were surprised Lili’s Miami raised daughter didn’t speak perfect Spanish.

“I had to do to convince her to do this interview,” explained Estefan. “She was very focused on Spanish [but] has a hard time talking it fluently.. She is  a very good girl.”