This kid has starred in Kendall Toyota commercials for years. If you didn’t know him, you are about to.

If you listen to Spanish language radio, you know who the Kendall Toyota kid is. That’s because Michael Gonzalez has been doing spots for Kendall Toyota since before he could read the text for the ads.

“Papí! Quiero un ToYotaaaaa,” he would croon in his little baby voice with a thick Argentine accent that turns the “Y” into a soupy “jeeee” sound.

As is the case with many a child star, Michael Gonzalez’s life has taken a somewhat dark turn. According to the Miami Herald, Gonzalez may have been involved in a drug deal gone wrong that ended in the death of his friend. There’s nothing funny about that, obviously. The 17-year-old has not been charged in the case yet, and his family is cooperating with authorities.

If you watched and heard Michael Gonzalez grow up before your eyes on bus benches, radio spots and TV ads, this is the bit of a shock. His father, Claudio Gonzalez, worked for the company that did marketing and advertisting for Kendall Toyota and West Kendall Toyota, and launched the blond moptop into local stardom by featuring him in campaigns.

For those of you who are not familiar with the iconic rubio of the Kendall Toyota ads, here are highlights from his campaigns throughout the years as the young pitch man for Kendall Toyota.

This touching Mother’s Day ad.

Here’s his face on the side of a promotional truck.

Ignore the foul language of this mean Redditor.

Why the fuck are 10-year-old blonde kids on all the car ads? from Miami

Kendall Toyota’s Christmas spot.

They went big for this one. They hired an Obama impersonator.

This ad made a lot of people mad.

Needless to say, Michael is a something of a local celebrity.

But with fame, comes bullies.