This Telemundo reporter is popular on and off screen. Now we hear she’s out of a job

Sofia Lachapelle
Sofia Lachapelle

Sofia Lachapelle may need to look for a new job.

Telemundo did not renew the “Al vivo rojo” reporter’s contract, insiders tell

And some people are scratching their heads as to why.

The Emmy nominated journalist has a big fan base and is a force in the South Florida community as well.

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Lachapelle is heavily involved in causes off set as well: The mother of two autistic children started a foundation dedicated to the cause, 1 Paso a la Vez, One Step at a Time, and wrote a Spanish language book on the topic, “I’m a Superhero.”

The Dominican, who is included  in People en Espanol’s “25 Mujeres más poderosas” special issue, definitely has a strong resume, rubbing elbows with the best of ’em.

On Sunday, she posted a pic on Instagram of Miami’s man of the hour, schools’ superintendent Alberto Carvalho, at Carnaval on the Mile.

We’ve reached out to the TV personality for comment but her cellphone was not accepting calls. We have also reached out to Telemundo.

Hoy también hablamos de #Autismo con @miamisup en relación a los #padres y #Familias de hijos #especiales #teamsofialachapelle

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