The trolls moved on from body shaming Adamari Lopez – to her 4 year old daughter

Adamari Lopez and Toni Costa
Adamari Lopez and Toni Costa

There’s always a risk when you post pictures on social media, especially when you’re famous.

You open yourselves to all types of criticism, especially if your kids enter the picture. Literally.

Toni Costa found out this sad fact the hard way. Adamari López’s partner Instagrammed an adorable snap of him and his 4 year old daughter Alaïa behind the wheel of a car.

Así es nuestro estilo! . Alaïa se cree que ya puede llevar mi carro jajaja menos mal que estábamos APARCADOS en su escuela….(antes de que empiecen, no estábamos en movimiento) graciassssssss @alaia @santorinisunglasses #alaïa #alaïacostalopez #familiacostalopez #tonicosta #padrehija #fatherdaughter #amor #amoserpapa #sunglasses @tonicostastore

A post shared by Toni Costa (@tonicosta4) on Feb 21, 2018 at 7:08am PST

“Alaïa thinks she can drive my car,” Costa said laughing. “But we were just parking at school.”

Granted, many comments were kind and supportive but other people couldn’t resist criticizing the child’s hair.

One follower suggested that it could be better brushed.

The troll wrote: “I love you guys and you have a beautiful daughter but you hardly ever comb her hair. She’s always messy. Adamari should  take more care with it.”

Many people jumped to his defense, and understood how busy parents are.

First Lopez was body shamed (the cancer survivor is currently trying to lose weight in front of her Telemundo viewers) now baby shamed. Sheesh.

You can watch her progress on Un Nuevo Dia (but try to be nice if you’re commenting).

Costa wrote back: “If you see her hair in past posts, she leaves the house looking beautiful. Now you’re going to take the wrong.”