‘Love & Hip Hop Miami’ star Prince: ‘Like bro, if someone is gay let them be gay’

He's young, hot and running things on South Beach. Meet 'Love & Hip Hop Miami' star Prince.
He's young, hot and running things on South Beach. Meet 'Love & Hip Hop Miami' star Prince.

When Prince from the VH1 show “Love & Hip Hop Miami” told us back in January that he knew Black Twitter would question his sexuality, we were intrigued.

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And he wasn’t wrong. The tweets come week after week: People beg Prince to come out the closet, crack jokes on his interactions with men (and women), and otherwise explain how they’re convinced the South Beach club promoter is actually into men.

“I knew that was going to happen,” the Miami Southridge High graduate said. “I knew Black Twitter was going to roast me. . .  It’s a stigma I’ve been dealing with my whole life. I’m not really worried about it.”

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Now, after a month of dealing with Twitter’s shenanigans, perhaps Prince has had enough. He told TMZ on Sunday he feels the black online community won’t allow LGBT rap artists to be successful. And then he went on a rant that sounded very… personal.

“As the black community, we don’t uplift one another. We’re really like crabs in a barrel. We tear each other down,” Prince said. “Like, you’ve never heard of Spanish Twitter. You’ve never heard of white Twitter, but there’s damn sure Black Twitter. And what do they do? They roast people… And it’s just a problem, a stigma we deal with in the black community — like ostracizing people. It really needs to stop.”

So is Prince advocating for the abolition of “Black Twitter?” Not exactly.

“No ’cause it’s entertaining. It’s just evidence that shows you ‘Hey, this is what the community does,'” he said.

The most interesting thing Prince told TMZ?

“Like bro, if someone is gay let them be gay,” he said.