She was married to Marc Anthony. Now this sexy video star looks to have moved on

Shannon de Lima
Shannon de Lima

Seen it yet?

A photograph of model Shannon de Lima kissing Colombian singer Pipe Bueno is blowing up on social media.

OK, so you can’t really see her face, because it’s covered by his. But yes, the woman in the pic is de Lima, the ex wife of Marc Anthony, according to widespread media reports.

She’s ex wife No. 3, for those keeping track at home. The salsa great filed divorce papers after two years of marriage in Miami in December 2016.

It was reported to be an “amicable” split. They had no kids together.

“He was very important to me,” de Lima told People in November.

Anyways, back to that steamy Instagram pic. It’s hard to tell what’s up because Bueno only captioned the pic with two monkey emojis.

A post shared by Pipe Bueno (@pipebueno) on Feb 12, 2018 at 2:53pm PST

For her part, de Lima also posted an intimate looking snap. They are super close, with his hand on her thigh, faces covered (naturally) but she did caption it with his name.


A post shared by Shannon De Lima (@shadelima) on Feb 12, 2018 at 3:14pm PST

What is the deal with these two? de Lima is definitely a fan of his latest song “Aguardiente,” named after the popular anise-flavored liqueur made out of sugar cane. So it’s very likely a publicity stunt for a sexy new video coming from Bueno, 26.

It wouldn’t be de Lima’s first trip to the rodeo: The 29 year old Venezuelan native recently starred in the video for Zion & Lennox’s “La Player.”

#WORLDEXCLUSIVE @zionylennox nos dan acceso exclusivo a la grabación de su video vieron quien es la player @shadelima Que les pareció? #zionylennox gran estreno del sencillo el 23 de febrero. #soylamusica #lamusicaapp

A post shared by LaMusica (@lamusica) on Feb 3, 2018 at 10:42pm PST

But if these two are indeed a couple, we’re thinking they’d make some pretty cute babies.

“¡Demasiado bellos los dos! Me gustan” said one commenter.

Translation: “You two are two beautiful! I like you!”

Time will tell. Or the video will.