Dwyane Wade is back with the Heat. Now when can we get his Miami Vice jersey?

Dear Miami Heat: Do you have any idea how much we need these jerseys?
Dear Miami Heat: Do you have any idea how much we need these jerseys?

By now, everyone knows that Dwyane Wade is back with the Miami Heat. Which is where he belongs, if you ask us.

But we have a more urgent question.

How and when can we get our hands on one of those D Wade Miami Vice jerseys?

SB Nation reported Thursday night that the Miami Heat online store was taking orders for the jerseys – and also that sales at the store had increased by 8,000 percent after Wade’s return from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

But then SB Nation posted a sobering update: the Wade Vice jerseys are in fact not available (though SBNation says the jerseys originally had a shipping date of June 1 on Thursday night).

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“We’ve been working through the night making jerseys,” Eddie Abad, senior manager of retail operations at the Miami Heat Store in the AmericanAirlines Arena, told the Miami Herald. “And we’ll have them ready when the doors open up tonight at 6:30 p.m.

“[As for the Vice Jerseys] we’re working with Nike to get them as soon as possible.”

Here’s what we do know. Put those things on sale, and Miami is going to lose its mind (even more so than usual). You think people turned out for that Super Bowl parade in Philly the other day? Biscayne Boulevard will turn into an insane, blasted out landscape much like the post-apocalyptic nightmare of “Mad Max: Fury Road.” Only instead of gas, we’ll be fighting over pastels.

And we haven’t even won anything. Yet.

If you are desperate for a Wade jersey, you can order one of the old school jerseys at the Heat’s online store. Yes, he’s keeping no. 3. Otherwise, you’re gonna have to wait like the rest of us.

On the bright side, D Wade is back in town Friday night for the “R3TURN.”

We can’t wait. And we are pretty sure D Wade is as happy as the rest of us – even if we don’t have our jerseys yet.