The best Justin Timberlake Super Bowl halftime show memes on Twitter

Sorry, JT. But the haters are funny.
Sorry, JT. But the haters are funny.

So…see anything good on the TV last night?

Just kidding. Most of us sat patiently through the Super Bowl LII so we could catch the episode of “This Is Us” where we can finally ugly cry over our TV dad’s much discussed demise. But in the meantime, some sports happened (Eagles won, we hear).

We also got to take in a Justin Timberlake show during halftime, which has been called “forgettable but flashy” and “painfully boring” by critics. Ouch!

Timberlake should have expected some hate, given the controversy that ensued after his 2004’s half time show with Janet Jackson, where we all got a glimpse of JJ’s right tata. But Twitter gave us just the right mix of highlights and pure shade.

Here were some of our favorite memes from JT’s show.


Needless to say, #SelfieKid stole the show. When JT ran into the crowd to close out his show, this teen was able to get in a quick selfie that will make him a legend in his junior high.

Wardrobe Malfunction 2.0

JT’s Wild West chic look raised a lot of eyebrows. His shirt looked like a painting at a Super 8 hotel from somewhere in the Southwest. Why the bandana? What is going on with the jacket? Twitter had a few guesses.

Prince tribute

Folks were salty when the internet said Prince would be performing as a hologram a la Tupac at Coachella. Turns out it was just images of Prince projected (onto a sheet?), but still. Keep his Purpleness out your mouth, said Twitter.


Obviously, some people were excited about JT’s show. Ellen. Jimmy Fallon. But the people who were not feeling it came up with way funnier memes. Sorry.