This reggaeton singer was living out of his car. Someone famous stepped in to help

Gladiador de Cuba
Gladiador de Cuba

Popular reggaeton artist Jesús Alain Hernandez, better known as “The Cuban Gladiator,” recently reached out to his fans on social media.

The singer admitted he was having a really hard time, spending his days in South Florida living like a vagabond.

The Cuba native said he was homeless, living out of his cars since the beginning of January, and was forced to do menial jobs like washing cars. His music contract canceled, he said, and things have spiraled.

“I’m asking from the bottom of my heart for help,” said Hernandez in a video, adding that life is “unfair.”

Help came in the form of fellow singer Ramón Lavado Martínez, aka “El Chacal.” Martínez is a major player in the Cubatón movement. He decided to contact the “Gladiador de Cuba” and offer to let him stay with him at his home.

On his Instagram account, the troubled entertainer thanked his fellow Cubano.

“Thank you for helping me, but I am very appreciative,” El Gladiador wrote along with a picture of the two men. “You are a tremendous human being and I seriously want to give my true thanks for your humility and for being the person you are.”

❤@chacalrlm gracias por ayudarme ,pero lo que mas te agradesco, es que estas hay en el momento que mas me hace farta ,donde mis amigos lo que desian ser mis amigos nada …eres tremendo ser humano y te quiero con cojone la verdad gracias por tu humildad y por ser la persona que eres ❤

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The reggaeton singer left Cuba in 2013 as a stowaway on a Venezuelan boat, then spent two years in various Latin American countries before landing in Miami. In the original instagram post he blamed gossip from other Cuban artists, mainly Yosvanis Sierra, known as “Chocolate,” for his canceled record deal.

“They destroyed me, but it’s OK, I’ll keep moving forward,” the rapper said.