‘Love & Hip Hop Miami’ star Tip gives a master class on diffusing a ratchet situation

Miami Tip shows the world how to diffuse a stressful situation.
Miami Tip shows the world how to diffuse a stressful situation.

Reality television without an explosive cat fight is like Miami without traffic. But Love & Hip Hop Miami star Tip (aka Miami Tip, formerly Tip Drill) has mastered the art of diffusing a tense situation that could have devolved into a strip club brawl… and it’s kind of the best thing we’ve ever seen.

On the second episode of the Miami-made VH1 show, the stripper-turned-rapper had a business meeting with producer Gunplay, where it was revealed that the two had a romantic past. Gunplay later told his current boo Keyara that things got unprofessional at the meeting when Tip started twerking across a pool table, for old time’s sake.

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But did Tip and Keyara get into a screaming match when the latter showed up at the club where Tip was dancing for the evening?

Nope. Because Tip told Keyara she was not interested in Gunplay. In fact, she was more excited about Keyara than her beau.

“I don’t want no mothef*** Gunplay!,” she laughed at Keyara. “But now that I know how you look, I probably still would have got him on the table and had you on the table with me.”

Record scratch!

That’s right. Tip flipped it on Keyara. Watch the recap here:

So there you have it. Miami Tip is the hero we all need. In being contrary to expectations — basically anti-reality TV — she provided us with the best reality TV we’ve seen in a while.

And she offers a great blueprint for avoiding conflict. If a woman thinks you are trying to steal her man, pay her a compliment. Tell her to turn around so you can see her posterior. No need to waste good wine fighting over men.

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