This ‘Love & Hip Hop Miami’ star doesn’t care what you think about her hair

Who  caught the premiere of Love & Hip Hop Miami Monday night?

It’s understandable if you missed the first episode, it being National Hangover Day, aka New Year’s Day, and all.

But we are here to tell you: VH1’s  #LHHMIA, which follows the careers of a handful of up and coming rappers in the Magic City,  is not without its drama.

Let’s try to break it down the best we can: The first show reunites local hip hop legends Trina and her mentor Trick Daddy, who are releasing an “explosive” new album, “TNT.” It also introduces us to such up and coming performers as GunPlay, Veronica Vega and Dominican singer Amara La Negra,  a gorgeous Afro-Caribeña with a hair style Pam Grier would envy. La Negra seems to have the most amped-up plot at this early stage: It seems a tactless producer named Young Hollywood told the crooner that her afro wasn’t “elegant,” reducing her to tears. She is also upset that her friend Vega is kissing up to this guy to get ahead.

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As for Young Hollywood, he probably means well, but yeah, could use some sensitivity training.

“We need to change the way you look,” the tatted out music pro tells La Negra. “You need to think a little more Beyonce and a little less Macy Grey. You need to lose the afro.”

We have a feeling the big hair is here to stay. Phew.

“Does that mean that you don’t think a woman can be sexy with an afro? In case you didn’t know I am also part black,” she railed back. “I wanted a producer I could work with and do business with.”

La Negra is getting support for her style choices on social media, with many viewers calling YH a “racist” and ignorant about his own Latin background.

So unfortunately, colorism, discriminating people based on their skin color, is a theme in this franchise.

We think La Negra will rise above. Raised in Allapatah, the rapper has long had dreams of stardom, appearing numerous times on  “Sábado Gigante.” She has taken her share of public knocks; e;g. in 2016, TV host Geisha Montes de Oca mocked Amara and her signature look.

On Tuesday, the Miamian said she won’t go changing her locks, which are occasionally helped along with extensions.

“My ‘fro is my image,” Amara said from Atlanta. “I’ve been rocking it since I was 16 or 17 years old. It fits my personality.”

As for her relationship with Young Hollywood, it’s still not good, although she is open to possibly mending fences in the New Year.

“There’s a part of me that wants to forgive and forget,” she continued. “I believe it’s more ignorance than anything with him. A lot of people don’t know that there are dark skinned Latinos. Everyone’s on his ass now!”

After the dust settles, would she work with the producer in the future?

“He kind of wants to come clean but I feel like if he really wanted to work with me he would have done it a long time ago. And never once did he apologize, even at the premiere party. I don’t think he really gets it.”

Still, La Negra is super happy about all the support she’s received since the premiere aired.

“Once I read the comments on social media, I’m glad people see where I’m coming from. It was really unexpected and I feel so blessed. ”

Love and Hip Hop: Miami airs 9 p.m. Mondays.