Hot or not? Broward County #LawyerBae divides the internet

#LawyerBae has the internet confused.
#LawyerBae has the internet confused.

A new attorney in Broward County is getting a lot of attention with the internet hashtag #LawyerBae. But not everyone is impressed with his dapper style.

First there was #PrisonBae: Women on the internet fawning over Jeremy Meeks, a convicted Stockton California felon whose mugshot went viral.

Meeks’ popularity online eventually catapulted him into a modeling career, and some level of fame, which may have contributed to the ugly split from his wife.

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lawyer bae photos
A compilation of #LawyerBae photos from his highly-stylized Instagram page.

But the internet’s newest sweetheart appears to be single with an already successful career, earning him the title #LawyerBae.

The Broward County attorney has a real name, but no one seems to really care about that. #LawyerBae has sent the internet into a frenzy of the polarized nature. On one hand, many women are ready to risk it all for a chance with the well-groomed lawyer. Others just aren’t impressed.

One person on Twitter took issue with #LawyerBae’s stylized Instagram timeline. With tailored suits and contrived candids, @kyalbr said #LawyerBae’s clients “are definitely about to get sent back to prison.”

Take a look at some of these reactions:

For the internet-stalkish type: #LawyerBae’s name is listed as Caesar Chukwuma on his social media pages, though it’s far more likely his first name is actually Jeffrey. Chukwuma was admitted into the Florida Bar in November 2016 and likely works at the 17th Judicial Circuit Court with State Attorney Michael Satz in Broward County.

lawyer bae

A quick call to the State Attorney Office made it clear that staff had not yet heard of the internet sensation. But after mention of #LawyerBae’s real name, a female representative responded “Oh, now I understand.”

Looks like Chukwuma’s known to be a dapper dresser around the courtroom.

Chukwuma has 113,000 followers on Instagram and 79,000 people retweeted his viral Twitter photo with the caption “Walking into the courtroom.” The young lawyer has brushed shoulders with semi-celebrities: He posted a photo with Bachelorette contestant and former Broward County prosecutor Josiah Graham, dated Instagram model Brittany Renner and was seen with Wilhemina model Don Benjamin.