Celebrate National Dog Day with a look at these sexy celebrity dog lovers. You are welcome.

Unless you have no soul, you can appreciate a cute canine.

For National Dog Day on Saturday we salute man’s best friend, by saluting the best looking men who have them.

Our gratitude goes out to our friend Dr. Gary Richter @petvetexpert, the author of "The Ultimate Pet Health Guide", which combines two of my passions: holistic health and the love of animals. This book has the potential to start a global health pet movement and I truly hope it does. Gary, thank you for ensuring we can have as much time as possible with our furry loved ones. Nikki and I are excited to work with you as a Veterinary Medical Advisor of @isfofficial Much love from us both, Ian.

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Ian Somerhalder: He broke hearts on The Vampire Diaries because he’s so damned good looking. But this actor is also a really good guy, who along with wife/former costar Nikki Reed adopt rescues like nobody’s business. There’s something about seeing a gorgeous man with a heart of gold. Are we right or are we right? The two just had a baby so yeah, they’re crushing the whole family togetherness thing. 

Found this throwback… having a 3AM cuddle on the Vampire Diaries set shooting late nights. We are sending you love Georgia

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Jake Gyllenhaal: Though the hunk isn’t big on social media (we totally respect that, sigh), he has been spotted out and about with his four legged friend, Atticus, a German Shepherd. The actor reportedly doesn’t like to walk out in NYC without his furry friend named the character Atticus Finch in the classic To Kill A Mockingbird.

How cute he is

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Bradley Cooper: On screen, this hunk can play a bad-ass (see “American Sniper” for proof), but off screen, Cooper is an old softie for dogs. He has had a few breeds over the years. Most recently, the Pennsylvania native was seen strolling with his gf Irina Shayk, their baby and furry companion Charlotte, a chow/retriever mix and a rescue. “She was on the streets of Compton, actually,” he explained during a 2012 appearance on Live! With Kelly. Charlotte’s still kicking and has outlived a few of his relationships. 

Ryan Reynolds: Talk about a full house. Aside from being a dad (wife is Gossip Girl Blake Lively), the Deadpool star is a serious animal lover. The Canadian actor poses often with various species, even a turtle and giraffe, which he kisses in one snap (no joke).

They're still trying to come up with a safe-word. Any suggestions are welcome. But "Codswallop" is taken.

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