Wall owner remembers the night Justin Bieber walked in the club

Happy Birthday, Wall!

The lounge inside the W South Beach hotel turns eight on Saturday (with a huge “Boogie Nights” bash for Swim Week) and we spoke to owner Nicola Siervo about what make this celebrity magnet tick.

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It’s  not a decade yet, but eight years is a while for a SoBe Club.

Yes, definitely. It’s a great run in Miami, a challenging market. Being inside a top hotel sure helps a lot. 

To what do you attribute the club’s success?

The space, service, ambiance, music are all great. And people like a world recognized brand. They associate us with Miami’s energy and fantastic nightlife. That’s why they stop by. We get a mix of locals and international tourists.

A lot of famous people have passed through your doors. 

We have so many stories! Most we won’t share. I remember when Justin Bieber took over the DJ booth back in 2015. Then he got on the microphone and just started singing. The crowd went crazy. And the night Bono from U2 went behind the bar and started serving drinks. No one could believe it was him. 

How has Wall evolved?

We’ve made a few changes over the years. And we have another one coming up soon.  We’re still the same cool club with an intimate environment that we’ve been.

What’s your  best night of the week in your opinion?

I would say Tuesday. It’s Favela Beach night. It’s a very fun midweek party. We line up great DJs and it’s just high energy.