Instagram temptress Abigail Ratchford heading to Miami Swim Week

Let this sink in a minute: Abigail Ratchford has almost 8 million Instagram followers. EIGHT MILLION.

No wonder Maxim magazine called the model and influencer (a dead ringer for Megan Fox) an “Instagram Queen.”

OK, so Kim Kardashian may have attempted to break the Internet, but the Pennsylvania native and frequent Snapchatter is doing her part, currently developing a YouTube channel, with makeup tutorials, workout tips and even cooking segments (yes she eats).

We spoke to Ratchford before her trip to Miami for Swim Week. If you don’t see her in person, you know where to find her: Yep, burning up social media.

How did you get so many followers?

I had a blueprint and also some luck [laughs]. I knew I needed to do some viral videos, get mainstream media attention, be creative and stand out with my shoot concepts. You need to just be creative and fun with your content, recognize your audience, and find your niche. I also engage and interact with my followers and let them know I appreciate them!

What do you do to keep everyone interested?

I’m really active on Twitter so I can interact with followers on there, or I’ll do random snapchat follow backs here and there, or have followers help me caption a photo and then pick winners. People love fun little competitions and also love the engagement. It’s more fun like that.

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How often do you post?

It depends. I’ll have one week where I have a ton of photos coming back from shoots that I can post, and then another week I’ll be super busy with other stuff like PR meetings or doing print features, and don’t have as much new content to post. I’m kind of all over the place with that, to be honest.

What would you do if you weren’t doing this?

Something creative, so I’d either get into photography, interior design, or be a makeup artist.

What is your workout/beauty routine?

I always wash my face, take a multivitamin and biotin, go for a blowout twice a week, get a Korean scrub once a week to really exfoliate my skin and get any spray tan buildup removed. I also drink a ton of water and green juices and get lots of sleep. For exercise, I like Pilates or I’ll work out at home, squats, walking lunges, and I do a bunch of ab work and use kettlebells for my arms.

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What do you like to do when in Miami?

I love going to the beach, eating at all the amazing restaurants, shopping, and SoHo Beach House. And of course LIV on Sundays.

Who is your favorite celeb on social media?

I love Kylie Jenner. She really sets trends and isn’t afraid to take risks with fashion and her looks. Plus I can tell she’s really into makeup and beauty, and that passion comes across in her products, unlike a lot of other celebrities. Kylie’s products are actually high quality and the colors, packing, concepts, names of the shades are all done very well and I can see why they sell out so fast.