Swimsuit model Karlie Kloss on girls getaway for her birthday

Karlie Kloss doesn’t turn 25 until Aug. 3, but when in Miami does as the Miamians do: Party. 

The model celebrated turning the quarter century mark on Saturday night at Wall, reports Page Six. Well, let’s say Sunday morning, as Kloss arrived at 1 a.m. Remember those days when you could stay out that late?

No matter where I am, I never feel more at home than when I'm with my OG bff4ls ❤️❤️ Hard to believe we're going into our 25th year on together couldn't be more excited to face next chapters, challenges and adventures with you ladies by my side. Thanks for having us #1hotels ❤️

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Surprise! Yes! The Chicago native just thought she was headed out for “a quiet night” of cocktails, some food and dancing, and next thing you know her buddies had a party all planned.

Wall partner Marko Gojanovic apparently helped plan the festivities, which  included a champagne parade.

Catching rays and making waves

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The Sports Illustrated Swimwear stunner, who is in town strutting for Swim Week, will be featured on the “Today” show Sunday. In an interview with Willie Geist, Kloss said her eighth grade prom date was “a solid two feet shorter” than she was, but she had a crush on him anyway. 

These days she is with millionaire investor Josh Kushner.