Jennifer Lopez releases steamy tropical video for new song

She's J Lo, and we're not.
She's J Lo, and we're not.

It’s out and it’s pretty hot.

We’re talking about Jennifer Lopez’s new video for her song “Ni Tu Ni Yo,” off her Spanish language album produced by her ex Marc Anthony. 

It opens with JLO her staring at her luxury watch, waiting in what appears to be a hotel room. Anthony arrives with another man, apparently the photographer, who says he is envisioning a “tropical” feel for the video. The actual shutterbug for the shoot was Steven Gomillion and jokes on his Instagram that he’s not actually in the video. The actor is Mexican hunk Khotan Fernandez. 

Another promo pic from the #jenniferlopez #nituniyo shoot FYI the guy with camera isn't me, but it is my camera tho..

A post shared by Steven Gomillion (@stevengomillion) on Jul 4, 2017 at 9:46pm PDT

Tropical is what you get. There’s JLo in various glamorous costume changes, dancing around Islamorada, says Rita Troxel, film commissioner for the Florida Keys and Key West, as first reported by the Sun Sentinel. 

There’s the black dress with the thigh high slits she wore to Macy’s 4th of  July concert in NYC as well as long, flowy gowns. 

Gente de Zona (aka Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom) also appear with her; at one point the three are seen at a bar drinking Hennessy. Trexel says that’s the OceanView Inn & Sports Pub. 

Shooting also went on at two private homes as well.

Looks like they had a blast. A nice promo for the Keys, too.