Pitbull wants to own the Marlins. This is the best day ever.

Pitbull has never had any labor disputes with his back up dancers.
Pitbull has never had any labor disputes with his back up dancers.

What’s the most Miami thing that could ever happen? Something more Miami than Dan Marino eating a croqueta and drinking a mojito while riding a jet ski with DJ Khaled. More Miami than Medicaid fraud and traffic jams? 

How about Mr. 305 himself decides to join the group of investors who are bidding to become owners of the much maligned Miami Marlins. 

That’s right. Pitbull wants to rescue the Marlins from the clutches of Loria & Co. and make us like baseball again. 

According to the Miami Herald, Pitbull is on board with a team of investors including Jeb! Bush and New York-based Wayne Rothbaum and Boston’s Tagg Romney that plan to bid on the team. 

A spokesman for Armando Christian Peréz, best known as the Miami-based rapper Pitbull, confirmed Tuesday that the celebrity is joining the investment group that includes the former Florida governor, a CNBC star, and the son of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

“Yes, he is part of the group,” Peréz spokesman Tom Muzquiz said. He declined to elaborate.

The investors are hoping that bringing in Miami’s unofficial spokesman will give their bid some Made-in-Dade street cred. Of course, the internet has opinions about this situation.

Some folks can’t wait till the album drops. 

Others are finding their loyalties divided… 

Some want to expand the team to include more Miami legends. 


Then some people are just trying to mock Pitbull’s style. 

Don’t you remember Pitbull wearing his skin tight white pants at the World Cup? His pants were rolled at the ankles. Pitbull doesn’t care what you think!

But some people are on board because they recognize that Pitbull is the only one who can make the Miami Marlins great again.