Rob Kardashian may face criminal charges over online abuse of Blac Chyna

Rob Kardashian is officially the ex from hell. Even Scott Disick (who partied with escorts in Miami recently) would agree. 

Kardashian has social-media shamed the mother of his child, Dream, and it’s nasty stuff.

We at don’t think that’s cool at all, and hopefully mom Kris Jenner is giving her 30-year-old son a tongue lashing right now. 

On Wednesday, the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star posted an explicit photo on Instagram of what he claims is Blac Chyna’s crotch (alleged photo was apparently sent to him in a private text). TMZ has a few choice screengrabs because we are not going there.

Instagram duly shut his account down.

As Chyna responded on Snapchat that Rob physically abused her and she kept quiet because he’s famous, the sock entrepreneur continued the digital abuse, accusing the model of cheating, doing drugs, having plastic surgery and being a horrible mother.


People reports that Jr. may face criminal or civil charges for posting those types of photos, also known as “revenge porn.” 

Angela Rose, executive director of PAVE (Promoting Awareness | Victim Empowerment), issued the following statement:
“Rob Kardashian’s behavior of posting nude photos of Chyna without her consent is classic revenge porn. Being unfaithful merits no justification for this. Even though these images have been deleted from his personal account, it is virtually impossible to ensure that they are deleted from all of cyberspace and this can have a devastating effect on her longterm.” 

The pictures have since been deleted (and Chyna even liked them!), but still.

His Twitter is still up and running, and he’s ranting like a lunatic. And he posted a pic of his ex fiancee kissing an unidentified male.

Rob, we feel your pain, but for God’s sake, put the phone down.

OK so who’s the dude BC’s kissing in the video? Enquiring minds want to know.
TMZ outs him as her ex, Pilot Jones, a hunk and a half who is shooting a reality show called “A List Miami.”  We have never heard of such a show but our I Team is investigating. 
The one video of Chyna kissing a guy up close has a large tattoo high up on his chest that Pilot does not appear to have.
The plot thickens.