‘Pretty Little Liars’ star Shay Mitchell loves hanging out in Little Havana

Actress, activist and social media superstar with more than 16 million Instagram followers (!!!), Shay Mitchell is a force to be reckoned with.

And precisely why Ocean Drive put her on the cover of the May/June “Women of Influence” issue.

Mitchell will also be traveling to Miami next month to celebrate her cover debut with a very VIP party, of course.

Mellow yellow sitting cozy in this @prada pj ensemble

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There are a few reasons why the “Pretty Little Liars” star will be happy about her trip, some of which have to do with food.

“You will probably find me at Joe’s Stone Crab; it’s the first place I go,” the Canadian tells the magazine. “That Key lime pie is not okay. I’ve had it flown to my house in LA.”

A live music fan, Mitchell had a fun experience in Little Havana.

“I love the Spanish influence that Miami has, and I love going out dancing. I went to Ball & Chain and just started dancing with the older man outside.”

She also likes the sights:

“The women are so glamorous and done up,” she says. “Miami is so sexy.”

And what about all those social media followers?  

“My biggest tip is to take 5,000 photos,” she advises. “My friends who have taken photos of me know that it takes an entire camera roll full of photos, and hopefully, fingers crossed, there will be one that I like. And always find the light! Natural light is the best.”